Gift for Bridesmaids

Few people think unique gifts are better and bride should think along the lines of what each girl likes. If girls are all different then they should be getting different gifts that they will love. Most of the traditional gifts like body products, candles, picture frames, scrapbooks or tote bags are though common and already available with girls so one has to first decide on budget and closeness with maids and then decide the gifts for bride’s maid. One can give a new look to traditional gifts and make them amazing with some creativity.

Modern gift for Bridesmaids

A day of luxury at her favorite spa

This can be a great gift but you cannot gift same thing to everyone in this case.

A gourmet dessert making class at a local restaurant

If you know her hobbies then you can gift this thing. Be cautious if she really likes it and going to attend the same.

Tickets for her favorite event/concert

If you know her favorite sports or singer. You can buy a ticket for her.

Traditional gift for Bridesmaids

A plush personalized spa robe with your monogram.

You all can wore them while getting ready at the bride’s house. It is again part of personalized gift.

Personalized wine glass

If each of them enjoys drinking wine so this would be a cute idea. The glass can be personalized and can say that “Thanks for being my Bridesmaid” and on the top part it can have their initials. If one want and have their name spelled out instead of just the initial. Beer mugs can also do if they love to drink beer.

Tote bags with their initials on the bag

Tote bags is a traditional gift. But you can always choose something different as bags and put few wonderful gifts inside that bag.

Below are a list of traditional gifts for bridesmaids.

  • Flip flops
  • Small box of chocolates
  • Cosmetics some facial packs
  • Incense burners
  • Gift bag with different things
  • Picture frames
  • Make up pouch with makeup

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