Gifting Ideas for mother (Gift for mother)

dress as a gift

Opposite to father’s gift, choosing gift for mother is somewhat difficult. Mother’s need and happiness lies in somewhat smaller circle. Small things done by you can make her day.



A sari or dress of her need can be a good gift. Sweater shawls stoles whatever she loves to wear can be a good gift for dear Mom.

dress as a gift


Buying jewelry can be difficult task because in India traditionally mothers have all the ornaments so new jewelry should be expensive and of her likes.

Gift for mother

Cell phone

Cell phone can be a great gift for mother if she already not have one. Using new apps and video calling can make her happy and help her to keep in touch with relatives.

Smart phone as gift


Kitchen utility

As most mothers cook so buying a kitchen utility is a good gifting Idea for mother. Buy a new freeze, or mixer etc. to make her happy.

Kitchen utility as gift


Buying a book for your mother of her choice is good gifting idea.

Book as a gift

Magazine subscription

Magazines can be good companion for the free time. So as per m mother’s interest subscribe her a magazine of her choice. If more spiritual subscribe a yoga related or religious magazine.

Medical checkup

Full body checkup for your dear mother on some special occasion. She would feel more loving with such gift.

Health checkup as gift


Buying nice shoes sandals are always a classical gift.



Mother love to carry the stylish specs. So ordering specs for her can be a good option of gift.



Camera can be other gadget which ladies love to carry. It can be used to capture the special moment with her friend circle or family parties. She can flaunt it anytime.


Movie tickets

Spending some time with mother is best gift for her and you as well. If she is movie goer then plan to watch a movie with her. She would love this gift.


Dinner/Lunch plan with her

Same as movie a dinner/lunch out with her for family so she can take some off from the kitchen for a day.


Going on shopping spree with her

Buying things for ladies is a difficult task. So its good idea to take her for shopping and let her buy gifts of own choice.


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