Gifting ideas for teenage friends (Girls)

Book as a gift

Friends who are girls and are in teenage is a young person whose age falls within the range from 13–19. Choosing a gift can be easy. A small gift useful for teen can make her day. Here are the list of few gifts which can prove great for a teenage girls

Cosmetics as gift

Lip gloss or nail paint can be useful to anyone. Teenagers would love to accept a cosmetic item as gift for friends.


Fashion Accessories & Jewelry as gift

The teenage years are when girls become interested – sometimes obsessed – with accessories and jewelry. Imitation jewelry is a very good gift. A fancy bracelet, earrings, rings or anklet can make the day of lady.bracelet-1426338

Books as gift

Reading books is now hobby of almost all teenagers specially a girl. Just try to find her favorite writer and favorite style of reading (fiction, romantic etc.)


Comic book set as gift

Teenagers in early age also read the comics and magazines a subscription for magazine or comic book set can imprint your gift for life time.


Perfumes as gift

Perfumes is a very good gift for teenage girls.

Sports gear as gift

Sports gear like table tennis racket can boost the morale of teenager and motivate her to do well in sports.

Music CD as gift

Music CD or music gear is very good gifting Idea.

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