Gift for Women (Wife/Girlfriend)

Opposite of men, women prefer a gift which may not be that useful but it should have emotional value. So while buying a gift for woman, man should always use their emotional quotient rather than logical quotient.

Bag as a gift

Bag is one thing which women prefer costly and smart. Most of the ladies have more than 1 bags so it can be good choice as gift. In market there are many new brands as well as non-branded bags and clutches are available which can be purchased as gift. Check out your partner’s choice buying observe what kind of bags she is using.


Jewelry as a gift

Diamonds of best friends of girls. This saying signifies the value of Jewelry for ladies. Buying a jewelry is now much easier. A bracelet a necklace or a pendent can make day for your girlfriend or wife.


Wrist watch as a gift

There many options available as watches in all ranges. Giving a watch as good idea.


Cosmetics as gift

Cosmetics being used by almost all ladies. Choice of cosmetics is important. One should be aware of the brand being used by her partner for buying right cosmetic item.


Dress as gift

Buying a beautiful dress can be a good choice as gift one should be aware of sizes and idea of style.


Shoes/Footwear as gift

Shoes or sandals can be very good gift for girls again need to know the size and style.


Accessories as gift

Accessories can comprise of many things. A stylish belt, key ring, anklet or imitation jewelry can be good choice.


Lingerie as gift

If buying for a lady with whom you are in long term relationship. Lingerie or night wear can be a good choice. But should be cautious and sure about buying such items. It should not look odd.



Perfume as a gift

Perfumes can be good gift for any occasion. It is available in all ranges as well as it is useful. Buy feminine fragrances.

Sports Equipment
If your lady is sports freak then buy a table tennis racket or hockey as suits your condition to motivate her passion towards sports.


Music as a gift

Music is best healing therapy. Though now all music available virtually. Still buying a CD can be good choice of gift.


Romantic getaway plan

You can surprise your partner by planning a romantic getaway on a beach or in wild life century.


Kitchen utility as gift

If your lady loves cooking and craving for some new equipment for her kitchen you can buy it for her and throw a surprise.

Always be cautious your gift should not be for common purpose for both. It should be for her and it should have some emotional value as well.

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