Gift for men (Husband boyfriend)

Buying gift for a man is choosy affair. Men love the gifts which can be useful in day to day life. Be it smart wallet or a shaver. While choosing gift for men one should keep his choice/style in mind as well as it should be useful for him. Here is a list of things which a man would love to get as gift:


Wallet as a gift

An excellent addition to your partner’s collection is a fancy wallet. Sleek and trendy, it should look very appealing. Made from synthetic leather and designed with multiple slots, it can easily accommodate your credit cards, business cards, and identity card and currency notes in an organized manner. A wallet to fit in your partner’s pocket, to carry cash, ID and organize cards—all at once. Additional card storage. Just keep eye on his existing wallet to know his choice. Few people prefer small wallets others keep big bulky wallets.


Key chain as a gift

There are men who love their keychain. Keychain has always been useful to everyone. If your partner has inclination to keep a good keychain then it can be great gift for small occasions.


Sunglasses as gift

Sunglasses can be a good addition to a man’s accessories. It gives a cool look. Every men crave for a good pair of sunglasses. While buying sunglasses, one needs to take care of size and suitability on face.



Beer glasses as gift

If your partner likes Beer and do lot of house party, a Beer mugs can be the best gift. A single mug or a set which he can use with you or his roommates.



Cigars as gift

Cigar packs are gifts for corporate and elites. Check your partner’s inclination towards cigars before buying it as gift.cuban-cigars-1480371


Musical instruments as gift

Musical instruments can be great gifts if your partner play anyone of them. Guitars, Drums or Benzo can be great to have for man. Men love these instruments and will definitely remember you while playing those.



Wrist Watch as gift

A stylish wristwatch is not a luxury, but a necessity. No outfit- formal, semi-formal, or casual, is complete without a wristwatch.
While buying watches for men, one must consider important factors like the display, the movement, the power source, the water resistance capacity, the warranty provided and of course, the brand name. Other related factors to keep in mind are the size of the dial, the shape of the dial, the color of the dial, the strap material, the strap design, the strap color, the bezel style and the bezel color.
Watch is one accessory that no man should be without, the watches that your man owns should be a reflection of his personality



Bracelet as gift

A look alike Salman Khan bracelet is so favorite of all men’s. Made with alloy & studded with dynamic turquoise color stone which is so delightful to look at. Get this bracelet now and becharm everyone by your man’s looks. If your partner is fond of wearing accessories then a bracelet can be a good gift.



His favorite Bottle of drink

A bottle of drink can be a great gift be it a wine, whisky or any other elite drink. Beer and cold drinks cannot be choice of gift as these are inexpensive.


Gym set

Let’s assume your partner is gym freak then he would love to have some equipment to keep himself fit. Though check inclination towards owning equipment as may be already spending hours in gym so these things won’t be useful for him. In case he is already hitting the gym day and night then he would love to own cool gym wear.dumbbell-1306867

Sports gear as a gift

If your partner is passionate about a sport then high end sport equipment can be very good gift for him. A cricket Bat, volleyball, Football, Tennis rackets as a gift can make his day.

Video game/ Gaming console as gift

Newer generation is all gaga about the Video games. Most of the men wants to own a PlayStation or XBOX so if you have budget and planning to play with your partner then best gift could be a gaming console. If he already owns and planning to buy a particular game then you can buy him game CD.



Shaver as gift

Shavers are getting more and more popular between men now a days. A good shaver can be very useful for your partner.




Though music is now freely available on internet still if your bay love to hear it from CD then it can be a good gift.


Get-away plan

If your boy loves to travel and you know his holiday plan you can plan a secret tour with your bay and surprise him by giving the tour package to him.


Cell phone/A pad/ Laptop





Photo Frames

Clothes, underpants, Robe

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